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Certificate Exams

View our list of publically accessible online exams. Each exam will deliver a certificate of completion when completed.

Certificates and student grades are QR code authenticated. Simply scan the QR code to verify certificate authentication.

Exam Hosting Services

  • Online exam design tools
  • Custom analytics and data reporting tools
  • Privately host for your own students
    .. or share with an exclusive group of organizations
    .. or release for public usage

Research Analytics

Individual Grading and Norming The platform provides individual, institutional and national norming. How does your student compare to others in your institution .. how does your insitution compare nationally?
Category Analaysis When you build out your exam you have the ability to create categories and then assign your exam questions to those categories. Student results, insititutional and national norming are provided for each of your categories.
Live / Instant Results Proctors ... watch the results come in live as your student work their way through the exam. Final marks are provided instantly to your students.

Exam Hosting on AWS

Hosted on Amazon''s Web Services platform, industry leading hardware, guaranteed uptimes and wickedly fast.

Desktop or Mobile Platform

Assessment /evaluation exams are a normal part of your institutions student assessment and cycle of review.

Our exams delivery platfrom is mobile friendly and will work on any computer, laptop or mobile device.

Pay Wall Services

You have the option of placing a pay wall in front of your exam.

Student can pay by debit or credit-card.

Contact Us

Interested in hosting one of your exams on our platform? or have questions about our platform?